Tis' The Season To Market & Be Merry

November 7, 2017

The holidays are suddenly upon us, and the new year is approaching fast. We are suddenly consumed by marketing messages both online and offline- the competitive messages among brands are going strong with the anticipation of the official holiday season arriving in a few short weeks. This is the time of year where a large percentage of the annual marketing dollars are spent among many holiday campaigns, with the goal of sales and brand loyalty from new consumers. Having established a solid & strategic integrated marketing communications road-map is the prerequisite to achieving your sales and marketing objectives in this consumer-driven holiday season.




1. Consumer Driven Campaigns

From a retailers standpoint, the holiday campaigns, both digital and social, should be consumer driven, rather than brand-driven. This means putting the consumer first in every aspect of marketing, and using the end consumer as the sole driver of content and strategy. Customer-driven marketing strategies can apply to consumer or business customers. These marketing strategies should be well-planned, properly managed and will ultimately have a direct impact on the company's sales and profits.


2. Content Inspired Communications


It is important to identify what makes customers passionate and then leverage it to inspire content creation. Whether that means asking users to submit photos or videos of how they personalize a product, challenging consumers to share a unique brand experience, or getting users to vote for the best submission from peers, the idea is to motivate consumers to interact with your brand and community. This interaction is proven to create large volumes of content that's more powerful than anything a brand can create. People already share stories about brand and product experiences, so why not encourage them to share their user-generated content with the brand?



3. Market Segmentation


When you're thinking about how to market your holiday promotions, remember that not all customers are created equal. You don't want to waste your profit margins sending discounts to shoppers who just look for deals and then move on. Using the right tools to get the right message to the right audience is critical over the holidays, when businesses and organizations are pulling out all the stops to capture consumers’ attention and dollars.


One approach to this is to segment your customers carefully by lifetime value. Ultimately, it's the brand-loyal repeat purchasers who should get special treatment. Whether it's a special loyalty campaign or an extra thank-you offer for the holidays, any investment you make into your high-lifetime-value customers will bring you higher returns.


4. Long- Term Marketing Objectives


When creating your holiday marketing strategies, it is just as important to factor in the big picture and aftermath of the holiday season. One tool to utilize in your holiday campaign is a holiday mobile app. For example, Starbucks launched an app to celebrate its renowned red cups and continue making Starbucks an experience for its customers. This app highlights holiday offers, allows the consumer to send an eGift and uses augmented reality to animate the pictures on the red cups. Collecting all the characters on the cups may even lead to something special. By creating an app just for the holidays, the company is not only promoting its brand and holiday drinks but also reminding people of its regular mobile app. When creating your marketing strategy, keep your long-term goals in mind. Your campaign should incorporate some holiday flair while keeping in mind and leveraging the bigger picture.

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